WordPress Lover and Technology Explorer.

My name is Rajat Chauhan and I’ve started ‘GO DIZITAL’ blog to share the smartest and latest digital technology tips & hacks.

An observer of old-new things happening around so that I can let them happen too .
A tech-monk whose soul lies in the lap of Himalayas and who is busy in exploring technology and connecting people in the concrete mega city structures .

This blog is :

Not just about blogging, but everything you need to know about WordPress.

Not just about content, but a complete content marketing guide with tips-n-tricks.

Not just  about SEO, but the effective and proven Search Engine Optimization technique.

Not just about Social Media, but everything that is a part of our digitally inspired social culture.

On a lighter note, I’m here to learn, explore, and trying to overcome technology while falling in love with the tiny nonsense of daily life.

Between finding excuses to brew more filter coffee, scribble on, nuts & cracks, it’s just the beginning.

Thank you.

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