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Permanent Permalink Kicks Search Engines, Indexed Forever!


Index Your Link Permanently in Search Engine What is permalink and how it is useful for search engine? Sometime, its get hard to understand SEO term which are not in regular blogging activity we used to do on WordPress and blogger, but that was always there. By default setting it gets generated automatically, if you do …

Top 10 On-Page SEO Tips & Tricks


On-Page SEO Tips & Tricks SEO is important aspect when you are promoting something or anything online, it has become essential for that business/individual who wants to gain result whatever they are doing online through search result. There are two major aspects of SEO- On-page SEO & Off-Page SEO. And from my own experience it …

Things to know about Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm


Google Hummingbird It’s been  a few days since Google has launched a new search algorithm. It is essential to know about this new search algorithm metrics, which is named as “Hummingbird”.  This latest algorithm influences the Google rankings of your website. Google has claimed that the latest algorithm which has code name Hummingbird should deliver …