Things to know about Google’s new ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm


Google Hummingbird

It’s been  a few days since Google has launched a new search algorithm. It is essential to know about this new search algorithm metrics, which is named as “Hummingbird”.  This latest algorithm influences the Google rankings of your website.

Google has claimed that the latest algorithm which has code name Hummingbird should deliver better result than the previous one. Lets know more about Google  Hummingbird.

googlehummingbirdFirst of all, we need to know about ranking algorithm, how Google algorithm helps to rank pages of a website. Google uses to choose web pages which will be display on the result pages.

Google panda and penguin updates have been also updated with the latest algorithm system.

Google gives ranking by evaluates over 200 factors to consider in the ranking algorithm like quality of the link that direct toward importance of website, quality of web page, loading time, content and design, navigation etc.


Google announced that the latest Hummingbird algorithm which is better with Conversational Search. Let me explain,  if you are searching for best place to buy WordPress hosting.

So, this search will not just search out WordPress hosting, but will give the result based on conversation.

Same thing happen if you are searching for best place to buy iPhone 5s near my home place. So Google will not just give search result based on single word “Buy” or “iPhone 5s”. New search will try to give more meaningful result and that will appropriately help you out in your particular search query.

Now, when there is a change in Google algorithm people will think that there will be some massive changes in search results, but as Google is using this algorithm from more than a month, we probably not having any problem with the search results.

Google with its new Hummingbird algorithm aims to process existing signals in a refined yet better way for a better and targeted search result. Things will remain same for getting high Google rank of your website/blog:

  • A Professional Website With Good Content
  • Good Backlinks from Related Sites
  • Content of your website should original and must related to the topic/website


There are some more important things to achieve a better Google Rank such as On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.