The Title Tag and Its Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


What is Title Tag?                                                 

Title Tag:  It is the main text to describe an online document.  A Title Tag is the second most important on-page SEO element, the most important being overall is content.

Title Tag appears in three places- browsers, search engine result pages, and external websites.

Before giving useful tips and essential guidelines, I would like to ask a few questions which will come to your mind while dealing with digital content on your website or other.

What makes you read an article? Or what is the driving force behind any piece of article or digital content that attracts your attention?

The answer to question is “The Title” the more attractive article’s title is more readers it will attract. In order to get more and more visitors on your web page one must have an effective title. Interesting tag line is equally important from SEO prospect to attract more visitors.

In order to get more traffic on your webpage, that is to increase the number of visitors on your page, you need to have an effective title tagline for SEO and you also need to have an interesting title for the readers.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example. If you Google “how to write a resume” , whenever you do so the first and topmost result will be the exact match for your search.

Furthermore, you can see in the following screenshot how result will appear on your digital screen. The top results have molded their titles in such a way so that they can come prior in search results.

The length of the title tag must not exceed 70 characters and you should invest adequate thought in the placement of keywords for making title attractive and interesting. Key phrase  would be more preferable for both readers and Search Engine prospective.

Title Tag screenshot...go digital

Before jumping onto any conclusion regarding the process of making a title interesting and make it appear at the top of the search list, it is necessary to know a few details.

Meta Tags
Meta Tags are XHTML elements that give information about the website’s page to the users of the website and search engines. These elements include

  • Title tag
  • Description
  • Keywords


Title Tag

Title Tags are the part of Meta tags, which are present around the top most part in the HTML covered under the <head> area. Similar to the titles of the essay or poem that you have in a book, these title tags tells the search engines and the readers about the content of your website’s page or post.

Title Tag of your page/post makes any person searching on search engine like Google or other to make a decision whether they must look into or just let it go away. So it is very important to make title tag as per your page or post based at when any people go for it makes sure he will find it absolutely relevant.

It is suggestible that title tag must contain some of the keywords which will enable search engine to show results by understanding what is it all about.

In short, title tags should be designed in such a way that they appear catchy for human eyes and also formatted according to the needs of search engines.

Let’s try to make title tag interesting, catchy yet relevant. I will give more tips about title tags for the codes which will help you to fix title tags among HTML codes of your page or post.